Agriculture, Livestock & Irrigation


A Healthy, Food secure and Prosperous County


Promotion of sustainable agriculture through capacity building on agricultural productivity, food and nutrition security, value addition, marketing, extension and infrastructural development


  1. Market responsive agriculture –The agriculture interventions will be driven by the needs and preferences of the consumers.
  2. Public/ citizen participation – The inclusion of farmer and farmer organizations, civil society, private sector and development partners in sustainable agricultural development planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  3. Partnership building – Working with partners to enhance synergy and sustainability
  4. Consultations, collaboration and cooperation – Consultation, collaboration and cooperation with the national government, other counties and non-state actors to stimulate accelerated sustainable agricultural development in the county, market access and socio-economic development
  5. Cost effectiveness – Ensuring all programs designs and interventions are effective and efficient
  6. Social inclusiveness– Ensuring that women, youth, people with disabilities and the marginalized are involved in the sector
  7. Sustainable Development– Ensuring high food production using resource-conscious farming techniques that protect human, animal and the environmental.