Youth Affairs, Sports & Communication

The Department comprises of three sub sectors namely; Youth Affairs, Sports, and Communication. This Department plays its tactical role in the County’s transformation and economic development through: promotion and development of youth and sports for a vibrant sporting industry and empowered youth. The department’s vision is to lead in creative and innovative youth empowerment, achieving sporting excellence and embracing top of the range effective and efficient communication models.


Be Vibrant Be Digital


To create an enabling environment for the promotion and development of youth empowerment, sporting excellence and effective County communication.


Our mission is to transform and inspire the community using platforms that empower the youth, enhance sporting excellence and provision of relevant information.


Our strategic goals are:

  • Promote youth employment.
  • Enhance youth empowerment and participation.
  • Promote youth education and training.
  • Promote youth and health.
  • Reduce youths crime, drugs and substance abuse.
  • Promote clean and healthy environment for the youth.
  • Promote youth leisure, recreation and community services.
  • Promote sports and sports development.
  • Enhance human and financial resource management.

Our strategic objectives are:

  • Improve access to employment information and employment opportunities for the youths by establishing data and information centers.
  • Promote youths participation in the county decision making process through youth forums.
  • Improve access to equality, relevance and equity in education in youth polytechnic.
  • Reduce crime, drug and substance abuse among youths by involving them in alternative and productive activities.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle among the youths by developing and implementing health programs and positive leisure and recreational facility within the county e.g gym, indoor games etc.
  • Promote youth participation in protection, conservation and environmental managements by involving the in organized environmental activities;
  • Promote positive leisure and recreational facility within the county (move to strategy on health).
  • Establish a functional and dynamic information management system (strategy to objective one).
  • To develop and promote a sporting culture in the County through identification, nurturing sports talents, developing and upgrading sports infrastructure.
  • Promote linkages with sport bodies by partnering with them in sporting activities.
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