Finance, ICT & Economic Planning

The finance and economic planning department is one of the Kiambu County Government established by H.E Governor William Kabogo after being elected as the first governor of Kiambu County on 4th March2013. Prior to the devolved government, the department existed in a different form under the defunct local government and the national government. The staff who are there were drawn from from the defunct Authorities which existed in Kiambu County and devolved staff from the former Ministry of planning National Development and Vision 2030. The Department has more than 530 staffs largely compromising of finance officers, accountants, procurement officers, internal auditors, and economist/statistians among others.

To be a strategic leader in financial management and economic planning

To be an effective and efficient department in resource mobilization, management of finance, economic planning and coordination for a safe and harmonious County

The department commits itself to the following values in order to achieve its objective. These are:

  • Professional integrity
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Passion for results
  • Participatory approach
  • Customer orientation
  • Commitment to team work
  • Commitment to the welfare of employees
  • Innovation
  • Ethical standards


Department of Finance and Economic Planning plays a key and strategic role within the overall structure of Kiambu county government. Its mandate is to facilitate and coordinate the County revenue collection, budgeting processes, economic planning process and to provide leadership in the implementation of finance and economic policies. The department’s core values are:

  • Coordination of the County budgeting process
  • The coordination and management of County revenue collection
  • Internal and external resource mobilization
  • The coordination and preparation of the planning components of the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF); The Fiscal Strategic Paper and the requisite budget documents.
  • Ensuring adherence to internal control systems of all departments
  • The coordination of County government finance and economic policy management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Economic Trends and Policy Reviews
  • To ensure the procurement procedures are followed as per the set guidelines and regulation in all departments
  • The provision of leadership and coordination in County Development Planning
  • Coordination of the county and sub-counties developments programmes
  • The coordination and provision of leadership in the County Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework and the Quarterly and Annual Progress Reports