Education, Gender, Culture & Social Services

To empower the society through the provision of quality education and social services use of technology and promotion of cultural heritage.

A dynamic and a multi skilled society actively participating in sustainable development.

Mandate Of The Department
The Education,ICT, Culture and Social services Department mandate is:

  1. To enhance access, equity and quality services for all children from conception to 8 years.
  2. Promote and coordinate training and reseacrh for sustainable development
  3. To protect and promote the County’s National heritage
  4. To effectively and efficiently promote gender equality and freedom form discrimination of all persons
  5. To improve the quality of life for all Kiambu people by targeting a cross-section of human, cultural and social welfare projects and programmes.
  6. To offer technical skills to the youth to enable them make a contribution to development of self and society.
  7. Offer the highest attainable standards of ICT in order to improve service delivery in the county.