Office of County Secretary

County Secretary and Head of Public Service Profile

The Office of the County Secretary serves as the central hub for all activities carried out by the County Executive. It is established under Section 44 of the County Government Act 2012,

The County Secretary holds the position of Head of the County Public Service and also serves as the Secretary to the County Executive Committee. In the role as Head of the Public Service, the holder of the office is responsible for coordinating and ensuring the smooth functioning of all County departments. The County Secretary reports directly to the Governor to ensure that all departments are fulfilling their responsibilities.

As the Head of the Public Service, the County Secretary communicates and follows up to ensure that resolutions made by the County Executive Committee are implemented. Essentially, the County Secretary is responsible for overseeing all operations of the County Executive.



The County Secretary shall;-

  1. be the head of the County Public Service;
  2. be responsible for arranging the business, and keeping the minutes of the County Executive Committee subject to the directions of the executive committee;
  3. convey the decisions of the county executive committee to the appropriate persons or authorities; and
  4. Perform any other functions as directed by the county executive.


Other key functions of the office include;

  1. Central Postings & Interdepartmental transfers
  2. Administration and Coordination of the Public Service
  3. Coordination of Government’s special projects/initiatives
  4. Accountability for the Executive arm of Government
  5. County Complaints Mechanism Management
  6. Coordination of the cross-cutting donor projects/ programmes
  7. Management of the Cabinet Affairs
  8. Dissemination of cabinet decisions to the Public Service
  9. Co-ordination of County Corporate bodies
  10. External communication & Intergovernmental relations


Contact Details:

Name: Peter N. Ndegwa

Designation: Ag. County Secretary and Head of Public Service

Email Address: