Ruiru Municipality

Ruiru is a municipality in the Kiambu County in Kenya. Located within 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) of Nairobi‘s city boundary and about 0.5 km from Kenyatta University Main Campus. Ruiru is a dormitory town for the nation’s capital, and is connected by both rail and road. The town covers an area of 292 km2 (113 sq mi) with Kahawa Wendani, Kahawa Sukari and Mwihoko being part of Ruiru constituency.

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NumberActivityStart DateEnd dateAmount Awarded(kes)
1Construction of secondary sewer distribution system and public sanitation facilities in Membley estate (Phase 1).01/08/201829/02/202075,701,428.95
2Installation of street lighting and High Masts in Kahawa Wendani and selected areas Ruiru.01/08/201830/08/201928,881,835.00Download
3Firefighting and Disaster Management: Purchase of one 5,000 Litre fire Engine.01/08/201830/08/201950,082,500.00
4Rehabilitation of Ruiru Bus Park and Upgrading of Wataalam -Bypass Road (1.5km) and Ruiru Bus park Access Road (0.5km) to bituminous standards and Improvement of storm water Drainage System.01/08/201830/08/2019106,272,581.04
5Ruiru Town Street Improvement Project (Ruiru SUMP)- Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, including Landscaping, Beatification and street furniture for selected sites.01/08/201830/07/201958,876,915.00Download
6Upgrading of Kihunguro-Full Gospel Access road (2km) to Bituminous standards.01/08/201830/07/201973,960,563.89
7Improvement of Solid waste management through establishment of one waste transfer station, acquisition of 20 skips, 2 skip loaders , 1 backhoe and 1 Tipper.01/08/201830/07/201948,449,082.68

Municipal Annual Urban Investment Plan and Budget - FY 2018/2019

Municipal Annual Urban Investment Plan and Budget - FY 2018/2019

Ruiru Municipality Spatial Plan

Ruiru AUIP 2019 -2020

Municipality Manager

Fredrick Mwangi

Duties and Responsibilities

As provided in the Ruiru Municipal Charter, the Urban Areas and Cities Act, 2011 and the Urban Areas and Cities (Amendment) Act, 2019, the Municipal Manager has the following duties and responsibilities: 

  1. Secretary of the Ruiru Municipal Board and ex-officio member of the Board
  2. Implementing the decisions and functions of the Board of the Municipality;
  3. Preparing and presenting for approval of the Board of the Municipality an annual estimate of revenue and expenditure to fund and carry out the programmes and operations of the Board;
  4. Being principally responsible for building and maintaining a strong alliance and effective working relationships between the board of the Municipality and the civil society, private sector, and community based organizations;
  5. Causing to be prepared, transmitted to the Board of the Municipality, and distributed to the public at least an annual report on the activities and accomplishments of the departments and agencies comprising the executive branch of the Municipality;
  6. Acting as an ex-officio member of all committees of the Board of the Municipality;
  7. Fully responsible for the proper conduct of the executive and administrative work and affairs of the Municipality.

The Municipal Manager shall have the power and shall be required to:

  1. Exercise supervision over all departments and agencies of the Municipality and provide for the coordination of their activities;
  2. Enforce the provisions of this Charter, Municipal By-laws, and all applicable laws;
  3. Exercise powers granted to the Municipal Manager in this Charter, By-laws and applicable laws concerning the appointment and removal of certain officers, employees, and members of committees of the Board of the Municipality;

Ruiru Municipality

Physical Office Address;
Ruiru SubCounty Offices
Ruiru Town
Next to Ruiru Stadium


Joseph M. Chao
0722 854408


Fredrick K. Mwangi