Boost as hospitals get state-of-the-art medical equipment


Kiambu County Health Services Chief Officer Dr Patrick Nyagah (right) explains to Governor Kimani Wamatangi (second right) and other county leaders and county officials about a new Ultrasound machine, which is part of an assortment of specialized medical equipment that was delivered to the county on March 5, 2024. PHOTO AYUB MUIYURO


The County Government has procured an assortment of specialised medical
equipment worth approximately Sh500 million, which will be installed in various
health facilities across the county.
The various equipment received by Governor Kimani Wamatangi at the County
Headquarters were flagged off to their final destinations.
According to the county chief, the equipment are meant to enhance the delivery of
services in all cadres of health facilities in the County.
They include digital X-ray machines, digital ultrasound machines, patient monitors,
BGA machines, , infusion pumps, nebulizers, oxygen concentrators, oxygen flow
meters, suction machines, and dental X-ray machines.
Others are Sonic Aid foetal scopes, pulse oximeters, emergency stretchers, gauze
cutters, portable examination lights, wheelchairs, delivery beds, hydraulic mortuary
trolleys, portable drip stands, and HBC machines.
According to the Department of Health Services, the X-ray machines will be
delivered to Thika, Gatundu, Kihara, Karuri, and Igegania hospitals to boost
capacity, while the modern ultrasound machines are for Gatundu, Kihara, Ruiru,
Nyathuna, and Karuri hospitals.
Governor Wamatangi said the consignment was part of a work-plan development of
his administration to equip all the facilities after a need assessment informed the
gaps in hospitals which are now being filled.
“We have always had an issue with our hospitals, whereby `most of them did not
have the equipment, or the existing ones were kept breaking down; this really
hampered our service delivery, but with what we now have, we will improve on our
services, and we still have more consignment coming. We are equipment to our level
three hospitals. We have also planned how we will equip the new hospitals
that we are building,”; Governor Wamatangi said.
According to the Governor, the additional equipment also includes C-T  Scan
machines and assorted equipment for laboratories and theatres that will be installed
in level four and level five facilities.
Two weeks ago, the County commissioned state-of-the-art X-ray and ultrasound
machines to revamp CT-scan services at Gatundu Level 5 Hospital, with the governor
saying by delivering the equipment, he aims to ensure swift and accurate medical
assessments within the facility and to reinforce our pledge to prioritize the well-being
of our people.
The County Executive Committee Member in charge of Health, Dr. Elias Maina, said
ofthe delivered equipment Gatundu Hospital would also receive 12 patient monitors,
eight infusion pumps, BGA machines, wheelchairs, nebulizers, and gauze cutters. At
the same time, Igenania Hospital will be equipped with an X-ray machine, portable
drip stands, oxygen flow meters, gauze cutters, and dental X-ray machines.
Casualty departments of Kiambu, Thika, Gatundu, Ruiru, Tigoni, and Kihara
hospitals will receive wheelchairs for patients in emergencies.
Other hospitals that receive a medical equipment catalogue include Kiambu, Thika,
Ruiru, Lari, Tigoni, Nyathuna, and Wangige, while Githunguri, which is a new level four hospital under construction, is expected to receive equipment worth Sh300
million through a partnership between the national and county governments.
The County has also completed a drugstore in Ruiru to be used as a central medical
facility where all of its supply orders for pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals
will be housed before being dispersed to the 114 hospitals throughout the County.
Dr. Esther Kamau, the County Head of the Health Technologies and Products Unit,
said the facility would enable the County to refill pharmaceuticals to all facilities on
time by eradicating delays caused by procurement bottlenecks.
The County is actively working towards integrating all level two and three facilities
into the NHIF system to streamline healthcare services and ensure that registered
residents can avail themselves of medical assistance free of charge.
This, Mr Wamatangi said, will ensure that patients who visit all the County’s 114
health facilities get outpatient and outpatient services for free as long as they are
registered with NHIF, which President William Ruto changed to Social Health
Insurance Fund as part of his health reforms.