Turning tides of hospitals ‘white elephant’ projects in Kiambu



Lari Level Four Hospital

By Kevin Kimaru

Infrastructure in healthcare is a pillar that significantly impacts the quality and accessibility of
healthcare services. Robust hospital facilities, well-equipped clinics and efficient equipment
maintenance are not just investments; they are fundamental components of a thriving healthcare
Governor Kimani Wamatangi’s administration, under the ‘Wealth Through Health’ vision, has
exemplified this understanding by prioritising the revival and expansion of healthcare infrastructure across the county.

Upon assuming office, Governor Wamatangi was confronted with a dire need to address the inadequate hospital infrastructure in the county.
Numerous hospitals had languished, labelled as costly white elephants that drained public funds
without delivering the intended services.

In response, he swiftly moved to revive critical facilities such as Githunguri, Thogoto, Lari, Wangige, Bibirioni and Tigoni hospitals, injecting new life into these essential healthcare hubs. His focus has been on revitalising existing hospitals and strategically
constructing new facilities to bridge gaps in healthcare access. These efforts ensure that every
citizen has equitable access to quality healthcare services.

According to the CECM Health Services Dr. Elias Maina, the County is not just looking at the stalled
projects; “we are electing 13 new level 3 facilities and building two more level four facilities.
This will ensure that we are constructing facilities within a radius of 5 kilometres.”
On the other hand, Dr. Patrick Nyaga, Chief Officer of Health Services, the County Government
launched over Sh1.5 billion in health projects since Governor Wamatangi’s tenure began.

Our approach encompasses completing stalled projects, building new facilities and undertaking extensive
renovations to modernise existing infrastructure. This holistic strategy is essential for delivering
sustainable healthcare solutions.”
Additionally, there has been significant the department has also moved to maintain equipment and facilities to deliver effective healthcare outcomes. Our goal is to create a seamless experience for both healthcare providers and patients by ensuring that equipment is modern, functional   and
regularly maintained.

Thogoto Level Four Hospital

The comprehensive efforts by Governor Wamatangi’s administration underscore a strategic vision to transform healthcare accessibility and quality across the county.

By addressing the longstanding challenges of hospital infrastructure, the county is enhancing health outcomes and safeguarding public resources through efficient project
management and maintenance practices. Investing in healthcare infrastructure goes beyond mere
construction—it is an investment in the well-being and prosperity of the County. Governor
Wamatangi’s approach exemplifies a commitment to realising the vision of ‘Wealth Through Health’ by harnessing the transformative power of robust healthcare infrastructure.

New Juja Level Four Hospital