Farmers enjoy bumper harvest after receiving seeds, fertilizer

Margaret Wangari, a beneficiary of Kiambu County Government’s maize and seeds distribution programme.

Farmers in Kiambu are enjoying a bumper harvest of maize from their farms
following the county government’s initiative, where they have been receiving
certified seeds and fertilizer.
The programme to give farms inputs is part of Governor Kimani Wamatangi’s
plan to tackle food insecurity and economic empowerment.
Most farmers are now harvesting maize, while for others; the crop is almost
maturing in farms.
The Governor has since last year been distributing free hybrid maize and crop
fertilizer to farmers across the county, and according to the County Executive
Committee Member for Agriculture Mwenda Kiara, over 300,000 farmers have
received farm inputs from the county administration.
“We have made deliberate intentions to ensure food security in the county by
providing farm inputs to farmers. Even in the coming season, we are prepared
to give inputs to over 60,000 farmers across the agricultural zones in our
county,” Mr Mwenda said.
Ms Esther Wariara from Githunguri Sub-County is one of the beneficiaries of
the free maize seeds and fertilizer from the county government of Kiambu.
She received the farm inputs in September of last year and planted them on
her farm, and now, she is harvesting the crop.
“Before we started getting the farm inputs, I struggled to access quality seeds,
which would affect the yield. Today, those people seeking maize flour in the
local shop are making minimal sales because almost everyone in the
community is harvesting maize from their farms,” she said.
Ms Margaret Wangari from Kwa Maiko in Ngewa Ward, in Githunguri Sub-
County, said the county government has been ensuring that before rains start,
farmers are always ready with seeds and fertilizer.
She is harvesting the crop she planted in September last year and already has
seeds for planting in the next season.
Mr David Wathika from Kihenjo village in Kaburu Ward, Lari Sub-County,
received the farm inputs in November last year and immediately planted on his
small farm.
He has also been receiving visits from extension officers from the county
government for advice on best farming practices. He expects to start
harvesting from next month.

Governor Wamatangi says the free farm inputs are meant to cushion the
farmers who, he said, incurred huge losses due to the prolonged drought that
hit the country between 2020 and early to mid-2023, which left many people
grappling with hunger.
President William Ruto has lauded farmers in Kiambu, saying that after a
prolonged severe food shortage, the country was on a recovery trajectory, and
Kiambu County had emerged among the top food producers.