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Ali Osman Korar


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Heads Of Directorates

Mr. Chege Gitangu

Director – Sports

Maryann Kahuno

Director – Youth Affairs

Eric Wainaina

Director – Communications and Public Relations

The Department comprises of three sub sectors namely; Youth Affairs, Sports, and Communication. This Department plays its tactical role in the County’s transformation and economic development through: promotion and development of youth and sports for a vibrant sporting industry and empowered youth. The department’s vision is to lead in creative and innovative youth empowerment, achieving sporting excellence and embracing top of the range effective and efficient communication models.

Be Vibrant Be Digital

To create an enabling environment for the promotion and development of youth empowerment, sporting excellence and effective County communication.

Our mission is to transform and inspire the community using platforms that empower the youth, enhance sporting excellence and provision of relevant information.

Our strategic goals are:

  • Promote youth employment.
  • Enhance youth empowerment and participation.
  • Promote youth education and training.
  • Promote youth and health.
  • Reduce youths crime, drugs and substance abuse.
  • Promote clean and healthy environment for the youth.
  • Promote youth leisure, recreation and community services.
  • Promote sports and sports development.
  • Enhance human and financial resource management.

Our strategic objectives are:

  • Improve access to employment information and employment opportunities for the youths by establishing data and information centers.
  • Promote youths participation in the county decision making process through youth forums.
  • Improve access to equality, relevance and equity in education in youth polytechnic.
  • Reduce crime, drug and substance abuse among youths by involving them in alternative and productive activities.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle among the youths by developing and implementing health programs and positive leisure and recreational facility within the county e.g gym, indoor games etc.
  • Promote youth participation in protection, conservation and environmental managements by involving the in organized environmental activities;
  • Promote positive leisure and recreational facility within the county (move to strategy on health).
  • Establish a functional and dynamic information management system (strategy to objective one).
  • To develop and promote a sporting culture in the County through identification, nurturing sports talents, developing and upgrading sports infrastructure.
  • Promote linkages with sport bodies by partnering with them in sporting activities.

One Field Per Ward

One field per ward are projects by the department of youth affairs, sports and communications, which were flagged off in May 2015, with an aim to providing quality playing fields for the youths, thus tapping and elevating new and existing talent from the grassroots.

One Field per Ward Fields


The County Government of Kiambu won this year’s bid to host the fourth edition of the Kenya Inter-County Sports and Cultural Association, and County Assemblies Sports Association Games (KICOSCA/CASA) to be held from 14th – 21st August, 2016.

The sports to be played include ajua, darts, table tennis, athletics, football, netball, tug of war (men and women), volley ball, badminton, pool, squash, basketball, set piece and traditional dance, borrowed songs and cultural dance.

The KICOSCA/CASA games will be held at the newly rehabilitated Thika Stadium and at Thika High School, Gretsa University, St. Lukes Cravers Hotel, Chania High, Chania Girls, Thika Technical and Thika Community Hall.

During the KICOSCA/CASA games period (14th – 21st August), Kiambu County will host over 20,000 staff from all the 47 Counties.

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More information is available on our official Facebook page:

Sporting Activities



The aim of Champions cup is to nurture and develop sport talent and engage the youth to ensure they use their time constructively and keep off misleading vices.

The games format start at ward level and it’s supposed to end at the County level where at least 12 teams participate per ward, which results to 14400 men and 2400 women engaged. In this level a total of 720 balls and 120 uniforms are issued to the perticipating teams.

Later the games proceed to inter sub-counties where the winning teams proceed to the regional level.


At this level champions-cup is played in combination of three Sub-Counties.

Region 1- Kabete, Kikuyu and Kiambaa.

    Region 2- Lari, Limuru and Githunguri.

    Region 3- Kiambu, Ruiru and juja.

    Region 4- Gatundu North, Gatundu South and Thika.

After the regionals the quarter, semifinals and finals are played.

During 1st edition of Champions cup the finest of talented footballers were scouted and Kiambu all-stars FC was formed. The team managed to finish 2nd in Division one league and have now been promoted to play in the Super league.

Development Projects

The 2013- 2015 financial years saw youth empowerment through the Launch of the Biashara Fund with approximately 20 000 residents trained on how to access the fund and so far Kshs 73,724,841 has been disbursed to 95 groups and 540 individuals cumulating to over 2000 residents successfully receiving funding for start-ups or existing business; The fund has also disbursed Kshs. 25,000,000 to Saccos around the County for micro loans and Kshs. 15,000,000 to a partnership with the Visionary Empowerment Program (VEP) to distribute over 700 water tanks to groups and individuals; Total funds distributed by the Biashara fund now stands at over Kshs. 115,000,000; other capacity building programs conducted include Training of 100 Trainers of trainers; Waste management training; Youth insurance training; Value Addition Training in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries where 1000 youth, women and PWDs were trained; technical skills enhancement training where 1200 youth, women and PWDs were trained on carwash/cleaning, welding and fabrication, painting woodwork and carpentry. Talent Festivals were held to identify, promote and award talent; the department is the process of undertaking the construction of a Music Recording and Video editing studio.

The department promoted sports through provision of sports equipment including balls, uniforms and nets to clubs and sports associations; Renovated 41 playing fields, is currently in the process (final procurement stages) of refurbishment of Thika Stadium and Kirigiti Stadium and is in the process of undertaking renovation of Limuru and Ruiru Stadiums (currently on the initial procurement stages).

Facilitated teams to participate at the Nationwide, Provincial and county leagues; participated in the International Taekwondo Champions in Ethiopia and Karate Championships in South Africa, Benin and Senegal. A County Football Champions Cup has been held with 720 male teams and 60 female teams participating with equipment distributed to over 10,000 youth, other sporting activities include Skating Tournaments; Boxing Tournaments, Cricket referees and coaches refresher courses; County athletics and Boxing championships; Martial Arts tournaments; Chess tournaments; The County Soccer team – Kiambu Allstars FC emerged second in the National Division 1 league and was promoted to the National Super league; Establishment of volleyball county teams ongoing and Countywide volleyball championships; Setup of Communication and PR offices in each department to enhance dissemination and publication of information.


Since the rehabilitation, the stadium has hosted Kenya Premier League, Inter-county football matches,

Athletics Kenya Tournaments and Rugby 11 Aside.

Strategic Directions

1. Youth Strategic Pillars:

Social empowerment,

Economic empowerment,

Civic empowerment.

2. Sports Strategic Pillars:

Career and Professional development in sports,

Sports and recreation and leisure,

Sports tourism,

Sports and social development.

3. Communication Strategic Pillars:

Media relations and advertising,

Public relation, corporate identity and customer care,

Digital and social media,

Internal communications,

Events management.


Strategic Plan 2015-2018 



The Kiambu County Youth, Women and Persons with Disabilities Enterprise Development Fund (KIAMBU BIASHARA FUND) is derived from the Kiambu County Youth, Women and Persons with Disabilities Enterprise Development Act 2014. It targets to empower the youth, women and persons with disabilities from all wards to access capital for enterprise start-ups and the expansion of already existing businesses. The Kiambu Biashara Fund is meant for both groups and individuals. It has a long repayment period and does not attract any interest.


This is a continuous revolving fund. It targets to do the following:

  • Direct lending to micro and small enterprises: start-ups and existing enterprises;
  • Value addition programs through partnerships with medium/large enterprises that anchor key value chains in the county through sub-contracting of farmers and allied suppliers;
  • Special categories: sector focused to support innovators to pilot and/or scale-up proven innovations that have high potential to create jobs and/or increase household incomes.


The fund will offer a mix of debt for the selected business. The fund will also provide coaching, mentorship and networking for the period of investment. We offer the following:

  • Capital advance of up to Kshs 100, 000 for individuals (Either start-ups or existing businesses);
  • Capital advance of up to Kshs 500, 000 for groups (Either start-ups or existing businesses);
  • One-off administration fee of 5% of the whole amount given.

A needy person operating a micro or small business or plans to start one and meets the prescribed conditions may be considered.


  • Asset finance- fixed or movable assets for business uses;
  • Working capital- business ;
  • Consumable and expenses;
  • Inputs and bridging finance;
  • Trade finance (bid bonds, performance bonds, invoice discounting, LPO/ warehouse receipts finance etc.)

  1. Pick application forms from the Sub-County or the ward administrator’s office near you or download from
  2. 2.Submit your application form to the county headquarters, sub-county youth office, the wards administrator’s office. Applications submitted at the ward administrator’s office will be recorded and applicant provided with a confirmation slip
  3. All submitted application forms will be assessed by the sub-county committee and the fund board then forwarded to the nominated financial institutions for disbursement.


Youth, women, persons with disability and poor persons who are residents of Kiambu County operating a micro or small enterprise or intending to start one. The Business must be legal and located within Kiambu County. Individuals or groups (NOT less than five members) can apply.


Applications are invited from among these sectors:

Primary farming (green house, livestock, poultry etc.); Value addition of fresh produce (processing, packaging etc.); General manufacturing/ fabrication; Construction services; Energy; Services and entertainment; Information and communication technology (ICT); Wholesale and retail trade; Hotel & restaurants; Transport & communication; Education; Handicrafts, etc



  1. Business name (current or proposed);
  2. 2.Business registration certificate (if registered)
  3. 3.Copy of identification card/ passport.

Existing businesses (These are businesses that have been operational for over a year)

  1. Business registration certificate and PIN certificate;
  2. A copy of single business permit;
  3. Bank/ SACCO/ MPESA statements (for six months)
  4. Accounting records.

Funding exclusions (businesses NOT eligible for funding)

  1. Alcohol (manufacturing, distribution, retail, bars etc.);
  2. Money lending or money transfer services;
  3. Businesses with pollution or other adverse effects on environment;
  4. Real estate investment (purchase of land, buildings, construction finance).

+Fund Beneficiaries
+Biashara Fund Downloads
+Biashara Fund Contacts

Kiambu County Government Headquarters,

P.O Box 2344-00900, Kiambu, Kenya.

+254 709 877 000


Facebook: Kiambu County Government – Kenya

Twitter: @KiambuCountyGov

CPA John Gitau Mwangi,

Biashara Fund Manager,

Email address:

Mobile number: +254 717 011 440

P.O BOX: 2344 – 00900, KIAMBU.

Location: Kiambu County Government HQs

+Kiambu Biashara Fund Mobile Loan Solution


The County Government of Kiambu Department of Youth Affairs, Sports and Communication has in collaboration with KCB KENYA LIMITED recently launched the Kiambu Biashara Fund Mobile Loans.

The mobile loan is for Kiambu residents in small businesses (mama mboga, hawking, fruit vendors, sausage/ chips/ mandazi, young hustlers, etc).

Applicants can access from as low as Ksh 500 to Ksh 10000. The loan attracts 1% interest only per month.

Application Requirements:
1. I’D copy.
3 Clean Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) record.
4. Must be a resident of Kiambu County.
5. Must be a youth, woman or PWD.

Application procedures:
1. Apply through the sub county youth and sports officer or the office of the ward administrator.
2. Fill a form (free of charge).
3. Next of kin signs for you.
4. Sketch map of place of residence.
5. Once you are cleared by CRB, our officers will assist you to open an account with KCB (account opening is free) dial *522# to apply. You will receive an SMS to inform you your application has been received, your loan has been approved and you have received the money via your mobile phone (you will be given a secret PIN number that you will use to apply).

Repayment period is one month. After successful repayment one will gradually qualify for Ksh 15000.

Once you apply you should get the loan within 24 hours. After 24 hours you need to apply again. Note that you must follow up and re-apply after 24hours if you have not received the funds via phone.

Applying for the Kiambu Biashara Fund mobile loan is FREE and you MUST NOT give any funds to anyone for assistance with the application process. Assisting/soliciting and lobbying will lead to automatic disqualification and blacklisting of the applicant and all those involved, including reporting the matter to Police.

In case of any questions, queries, or to report unscrupulous individuals, kindly contact the Sub county youth officer, Ward Administrator’s office, Sub County administrators office, or the office of the Youth and Sports Chief Officer.

Repayment can be done by in the following ways:

  1. Lipa na Mpesa pay bill Number 522522 Mpesa charges apply.
  2. Deposit at KCB MTAANI AGENT. Must put the BIZ MASHINANI account number and the name. No charges.
  3. Deposit at any branch. Just like any normal deposit but put name and biz Mashinani account number.

Jijenge Fund Downloads

LPO Financing Form

Individual Financing Form

Group Financing Form

Get Financing at Subsidized Rate

We have partnered with KCB Bank Ltd. to give you subsidized working capital loans at the rate of 7% P.A instead of the normal 13% P.A.

For more information on the loan products under the scheme, requirements and how to apply, download the flyer from the link below.