Main Tourist Attractions, National Parks/Reserves

The county does not have national parks or game reserves apart from tourist attraction sites which are unexploited. These sites include Kinare Forest in Lari Constituency, Chania Falls and Fourteen Falls in Juja Constituency, Paradise Lost and Mugumo Gardens in Kiambaa Constituency, Mau Mau Caves, Gatamaiyu Fish Camp and historical sites in Gatundu and Githunguri Constituencies.

Main Wildlife

Kiambu County has few wildlife resources since many gazetted forests were allocated illegally to individuals. An example is Kinare forest in Lari Constituency, whose ecosystem constitutes of a dense forest with elephants, hyenas, bush baby, baboons, colobus monkeys, dik-dik, bush pigs, tree and ground squirrels, porcupines and many species of birds such as weaver, guinea fowls, sparrow among others.

Tourist Class Hotels/Restaurants, Bed Occupancy

The county has 682 unclassified hotels and 694 bars and restaurants which are well distributed within the county. Availability of such facilities in this county is affected by its close proximity to Nairobi where tourist facilities of all classes exist in abundance.