Thika Hospital Performs Laparoscopic Surgeries

Thika Level IV Hospital has become among the first hospitals in Kenya to perform a Laparoscopic surgery after the County Government of Kiambu under the leadership of Governor Ferdinard Waititu purchased Laparoscopic machines. The first surgery of such kind was performed on 30th January 2019 making it one of the first government hospitals in Kenya to use the advanced surgical technology.

Laparoscopy tower in use

Laparoscopic surgery refers to surgical procedures that are performed through one or multiple small incisions, rather than through a larger, usually single, incision through the abdominal wall. The benefits of Laparoscopy procedures include the reduction of hospital stay from a week to three days. This shall lead to reduction in congestion within the wards in the government hospitals.

The Laparoscopy tower

The purchase of the Laparasopy tower (machine) was fully funded by the County Government, with the maiden procedure being performed by a team of surgeons from Kiambu County Government’s health department led by Director Medical Services Dr. David Ndegwa.

Dr. David says that the technology can also be used to treat complicated cases especially those that have increased risks during open surgery. “There is minimal blood loss during Laparoscopic and no scars are left,” he says. He also says that the overall cost of this procedure is generally cheaper.

“There is reduced hospital stay when using this procedure and thus the bills will be lower,” he says, “Thika Level IV shall use the technology to treat Gynecology, Surgery, and Urology among other cases.”

The health department has also constituted a specialized team of doctors to enable them perform more procedures with the aim of reducing congestion. The team intends to roll out more Laparoscopic surgeries and also train more doctors in the procedure.

Surgeons from Kiambu County Government’s health department



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Mary Kanyi Mutuku.—Wanjiru…ACCAC(UK)reply
April 17, 2019 at 4:16 pm

Congratulations Thika Hospital on your progress in surgical treatment. A word of caution—-kiambu county is on the country’s gravevine as having been attacked by the French government—-European Union.Kindly be careful as you operate on women—-reproductive health—–Uterine wall bleeding.fibroids,cysts etc.They are attacking the entire human anatomy…its unclear if people ate the poison or inhaled.I am writing this to mind you.
Mary—-Gatundu South

June 12, 2019 at 9:04 pm

Good job

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