Land and Land Use

Mean holding size

The size of arable land in the county is 1,878.4 Km2 and the non-arable land is 649.7 Km2 and 15.5 Km2 is under water mass. The average holding size of land is approximately 0.36 Ha on small scale and 69.5 Ha on large scale. The small land holdings is mostly found in upper parts of Gatundu North, Gatundu South, Kiambaa, Limuru and Kikuyu constituencies. The fragmentation of the land has made it uneconomical and hence majority of the farmers are converting their farms into residential plots to supplement the meagre income from the farms. The large land holdings are usually found in the lower parts of the county especially in Juja constituency and the upper highlands in Limuru and Lari constituencies.

Percentage of land with title deeds

Plans indicated that 85 percent of the population with land in the county have title deeds to their land and there are no recorded cases of incidences of landlessness. The remaining 15 percent have not received their title deeds due to unfinished land adjudication process and non payment of the necessary levies.