The Kiambu County Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week

This is a spin-off of the 254 Youth Entrepreneurship Awards that seeks to mobilize Youth-Led SMEs in a bid to celebrate their success in running their enterprises in Kiambu County.

It brings together all the stakeholders in the county including business leaders, companies, government officials, etc.

It is a platform that will allow the big corporations in Kiambu County to engage with the small and medium enterprises operated by young people, thus opening partnership opportunities.

The open Day will feature Exhibitions giving young people the opportunity and platform to market and sell their products and services, regardless of the sector.

Exhibitions will be open to those who will have nominated themselves for the awards to give their brands more visibility.

Nominations will run from October 25th to November 20th 2021, while the event, which is themed “Technology, Value Addition and Manufacturing during Covid”, will run from the 7th to the 10th of December this year. Entrepreneurs are thus encouraged to nominate themselves.

For more information on how to enter and eligibility, kindly follow the link below:

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