Dr Bernard Kariuki Kimani – CPSB Member

Dr. Bernard Kariuki Kimani holds a PhD in Education from the Africa International University, Kenya, a Masters Degree in Education from the same University and a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology from Global University, USA. His doctoral specialty is curriculum and instruction, while his research focused on relationship between Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Critical Thinking Skills in Online Education. This vast knowledge and skills will be helpful to CPSB especially in capacity building for human resource to meet specified targets.

Dr. Kimani brings to the CPSB, over 10 years’ experience in human resource management having worked as a Deputy Principal and Academic Dean at Nairobi Pentecostal Bible College among other CBOs. He has also been involved in Academia with particular reference to Research and Teaching in the area of Education and as adjunct lecturer at Africa International University and Riara University. One of his key accomplishment in this field was leading a team that developed the first ever competency based national curriculum for Level 6 Christian Ministry in Kenya. The project was done in conjunction with TVET, CDACC and was validated at Kenya School of Monetary Studies in November 2018.

He is also a CEO of Beekay Technologies and Destiny Capsules, which are business entities engaged in leadership training, writing and publications for universities and different organizations. Dr. Kimani is a best-selling author with several titles among them Success Boosters, Uncover Your Greatness, The Power of walking in Obedience, among others. His main passion is transformation of society through harnessing, resourcing and building capacity for human resource which is the greatest player in organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

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Clare Bosibori Nyang’aureply
June 16, 2020 at 2:13 am

I really want to congratulate the recruitment board members for their good work in our county,and at the same time raise my concern about degree nurses ,sincerely speaking we are neglected in both county and national levels,no one is employing degree nurses,talking on my behalf I’m really suffered seeking a job and i have not found one.We are seeking experience through volunteer work.

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