County Preparedness on COVID-19 Pandemic

The County Government of Kiambu is working to ensure public safety and prioritize the health and welfare of residents and visitors during this time of the coronavirus pandemic.
Kiambu Governor James Nyoro has said today That his government has been working closely with its partners in the National Government over the last several weeks regarding this issue and is fully prepared to respond swiftly and appropriately should the need present itself.
The County Government is taking the necessary steps to safeguard against exposure across the County.
The first mitigation procedures that have been effected today include: cancellation of public events such as, all music concerts, sports events and closure of discos and video games outlets. We have also issued a directive to restaurants, eateries and shopping malls to provide hand sanitizers for their customers. These measures should be strictly adhered to and enforced by the enforcement and monitoring directorate.
Other measures that we have taken are : We have secured 30 beds at our three Level Five (5) hospitals in Kiambu, Thika and Gatundu with the intention of increasing this capacity in 10 days with another 150 extra capacity. In addition, we have provided the three hospitals with 10 million shillings , mainly for the procurement of sanitation and protective clothing for the health workers.
As a reminder, the County Government of Kiambu urges residents to follow public health guidelines including personal hygiene, social distancing, and avoiding large public gatherings and events. While there is currently no vaccine to prevent this virus, simple steps can help stop the spread of the Covid -19.

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April 1, 2020 at 12:40 pm

Kiambu County doesn’t want to employ medical officer despite the fact that they aren’t enough and our hospital MOs are overstretched. Doctors were posted in different hospitals for 1yr and in other counties they were retained to help ease the pressure since they are qualified and know the system but not Kiambu. I’m just an observer but I reside in the county, at first I thought it was due to the Governor’s situation but that was resolved and nothing is happening. It’s so sad and a failure by the county government

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