Governor Ferdinard Waititu Babayao has launched the Kiambu County Jijenge Fund. This is one of the flagship programmes of his office that is aimed at promoting and developing new and existing micro and small market enterprises among youth, women, people living with disabilities (PWD) and vulnerable men and women.

The Kiambu County Jijenge Fund is an improvement of the previous fund as it shall not incur any interest, shall have a wider range of enterprises that it shall fund and is targeted to reach more people. It has been established through the Kiambu County Jijenge Fund Act of June 2018 after the repeal of the previous Kiambu County Youth, Women and Persons with Disabilities Enterprise Fund (Kiambu Biashara Fund).

Speaking during the launch, the Governor promised to increase the fund which has an initial kitty of KShs 200 million with KShs 100 million every financial year. “Jijenge Fund is a revolving fund with no interest and it shall provide financing for LPOs, groups and individuals, I am going to increase it every financial year to ensure that the highest number of Kiambu residents benefit,” he said.

Governor Waititu addressing Kiambu County residents at the Kiambu County Headquarters.

The Jijenge Fund is only eligible to Kiambu County residents. It is domiciled in the department of Youth Affairs, Sports, Communications and ICT. The County Executive Committee Member in charge of the department Karungo wa Thang’wa has said that the disbursement of the fund shall kick off immediately. “We are asking all of you to apply,” he said, “Application forms have been made available at the Members of County Assembly’s offices and ward admin offices in each ward.”

“We are encouraging the residents to come and engage us on how best they would like us to improve the fund for their benefit,” the Governor added, “if you want us to pay deposits for any income generating assets that you wish to acquire, we shall do exactly that.”

Governor Babayao has also directed that the fund be distributed equitably across all the wards. Additionally, the fund will also be utilized to train the youth on business and enterprise management. “We want Kiambu to be a business-oriented county,” he added, “so let us be innovative and venture into new businesses, the fund will support you.”

Those with previous loans have been advised by the Governor to visit the department of Youth Affairs, Sports, Communications and ICT to discuss on a favorable repayment plan.

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