My official Statement on the Kariminu II Dam Water Supply Project

Kariminu II Dam Water Supply Project is a priority project for the people of Kiambu County. When completed, the dam will help meet the water supply needs for both Kiambu and Nairobi counties.

Towns within the county like Ruiru and Juja will receive water supply of 35,250 m3 per day and 11,750 m3 per day respectively with the remaining supply of 23,000 M3 per day being conveyed to Nairobi.

This project alongside others like Ruiru Dam Phase 2 are extremely important because they will contribute to addressing the water and sanitation needs of the growing population in the two counties.

I am aware that the National Government concluded a Loan Agreement for this Project in January 2017 between National Treasury and China Exim Bank and the Contractor has been ready to commence works for over two years.

246 households will be impacted by the Project with these families being required to leave their homes and find new places to live. However, until recently there has been no agreement on the correct valuation methodology to apply and as a consequence the project has been on hold.

As Governor of Kiambu County, I have done my level best to advocate for fair compensation for all the persons affected by the project. This delay in reaching a compromise on compensation has made it impossible for the Project to commence , leading to losses on all sides – both for the National Government and for the citizens who are to benefit from this noble project.

However following the intervention of H.E. the President, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta through the Ministry of Lands and the Ministry of Water, I am now pleased to state that there is now light at the end of the tunnel. The new compensation package that has now been put on the table for the project affected persons is reasonable and will give the said persons adequate resources to relocate their homes in a dignified manner . The project implementing agency, Athi Water Services Board has also assured me that the Project will create many jobs for our youth in the area.

I therefore want to take this opportunity to urge all the affected persons to accept this offer as soon as possible, so that this critical project can commence for the benefit of all.

H.E. Ferdinand Waititu Bayayao
Governor, Kiambu County

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