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Skill enhancement training at Ndumberi Youth Polytechnic

Skill enhancement training has been one of the deficiency that youths from Kiambu County have been lacking as many of them don’t have mentors whom they can learn from or emulate, or the fee required for one to be trained for such ventures is usually not pocket friendly.

This is whatled the department of youth affairs, sports and communication to partner with AlbhaiSharrif and Sadoline; apartnership which enabledthe training of over 1200 youths, women and people with disabilities on Painting, woodwork, electrical, welding and fabrication, car wash and cleaning.

skill enhancement talks

Welding, fabrication, electrical and woodwork targeted youths with previous knowledge or skill on the respective category, this was to enhance their skills and to inform and educate them on the new equipment on the market in order to make their work easier and more profitable whereas painting, cleaning and car wash targeted to empower those with no corresponding skills at all.

This training that was conducted from 1st to 4th February, 2016 at Ndumberi youth polytechnicin Kiambu Sub-County saw Kiambu County Governor H.E William Kabogo award the graduands with certificates to mark successful conclusion to their courses and urged them to use their newly acquired knowledge to benefit themselves through job creation.

skill enhancement training

The governor said that it is a high time that youths in Kiambu county take advantage of such trainings because they are the kind of training that make a difference in someone’s life as it offers practical training of how to start ones business in the present age and time.

This sentiments were also emphasized by the deputy governor Hon. Gerald Githinji saying that Kiambu County Government was ready and willing to assist the youth in any way possible especially in ways that provides grounds for job creation.

The minister of youth affairs, sports and communication Hon. Machel Waikenda on his part said that one of the objectives of his department was to improve access to employment information and employment opportunities for the youths by organizing training events across the county. He said that this trend was going to continue as more partners are to be incorporated into the trainings and because of the high turnout by the youths it demonstrated that they truly require such trainings.

skill enhancement workshop

After mobilization the number of youths who showed uphad surpassed the initial expected number required thus decision was made to divide the groups into two regions. Region one encompassed: Kiambu Sub-County, Ruiru Sub-County, Juja Sub-County, Gatundu North Sub-County, Gatundu South Sub-Countyand Kikuyu Sub-County. While region two entailed:Thika Sub-County, Kabete Sub-County, Githunguri Sub-County, Lari Sub-County, Kiambaa Sub-County andLimuru Sub-County.

skill enhancement work

Members from region one were trained on the 1st and 2nd while region two were trained on the 3rd and 4thof February, 2016.

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