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Mr. James Maina attended Kirangari High School before Joining University of Nairobi for his undergraduate. He holds a B.A (Honor) and a M. Arts (planning) from the same university. He is a registered Physical Planner and a member of the Kenya institute of Planners (KIP).

James Maina has an extensive planning career of over 18 years in urban and regional planning. Before joining Kiambu County Government, James was working in the Ministry of Transport, Housing, infrastructure and Urban development. His last assignment was on the establishment of Nairobi Metropolitan transport authority (NaMATA) and was a member of the steering committee on the delivery of 1 million national houses by the government and urban regeneration of Nairobi City.

He has vast knowledge and skills gained from his long working experience. James has coordinated and supervised various planning initiatives in the Government institutions. His work for same at the landmark planning interventions include; the Karen Langata physical development plan, street address system for Nairobi and Kiambu Counties, Nairobi metropolitan special plan, safety and security of the build environment in the Nairobi metropolitan and guidelines manual for development control in the metropolitan region.

Is is because of his wide knowledge and expertise in spatial planning, land use planning, transport planning and affordable low cost housing and urban management that Kiambu County Government found it of value to appoint him as the County Executive Committee Member in the Department of Land, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development. 

Maina’s Mission

  1.  Ensure proper planning of infrastructure and service delivery by consulting with landowners,to zone urban commercial and residential areas.
  2.  Create policies that ensure the agricultural belt is maintained for food security and prevent unplanned development.
  3. Evaluate current housing situation and work with County planners to ensure proper planning of residential areas.
  4. Encourage investors in low cost housing
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