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Dialysis center in Thika Level 5 became operational in November 2015. It has a Bed capacity of 7 clients. Centrally located within the Thika Level 5 Facility. The Center’s normal operation hours are between 8:00am to 5:00pm except public holidays. The Unit is well manned by a team of competent medical practitioners i.e. Consultant, Nurses, Clinician, Biomedical engineer and Hospital assistant. We have currently handled 422 dialysis cases and still receiving more to ease congestion from the National Referral Hospital, KNH

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  • Timely detection of the disease at an early stage before Chronicity sets in
  • Cost effectiveness for the patient(NHIF covers chronic illnesses)
  • Reduction of patients’ treatment waiting time within and outside the County(Proximity to the facility)

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Future plans in Kidney disease

  • Establish Kiambu County Kidney transplant, treatment and health research center
  • Training of health care workers in Kidney disease;
  • Nephrologists
  • Renal nurses
  • Screening of renal impairment at grassroots/community level
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