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Three years ago the baby devolution came to life growing old day by day its pros and cons being felt within the country. Residents of Kiambu County are also feeling the vicissitudes. With their government striving to give them the best.

With the county having to absorb a large number of defunct authoritiesand its proximity to the country city a lot of developments especially in building of homes and commercial edifices, Kiambu County through the department of Land, Housing and physical Planning has gone a notch higher in making sure that they give the best services when it comes to building plans approvals.

This has seen the County enhance its work force in the planning directorate by stationing human capacity of planners in each and every sub county. Ensuring closer and effective services to the public.

How it is done

The process of approval is in two tire where we have Comprehensive Developments and Single Dwelling Unitswith a maximum approval time of two weeks.

The first tire which is Comprehensive developments usually takes a maximum of two weeks after submission of the building plans. This is where the planners hold meetings every month to go through the submitted plans. They give comments on the plans which may be either positive or negative depending on requirements submitted.

The comprehensive developments include; Flats, malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and gated communities. While single dwelling units include massionates and bungalows.

All these efforts have not gone down the drain. Other counties have also realized the efforts that the department is placing. They drop by to borrow a leaf or two notably they promise to embrace our style.

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