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David Kimani Kuria is the CECM in the department of Water, Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Kiambu County. He was born and bred on the periphery of the Kikuyu Escarpments Forest, south of the Aberdare forest in central Kenya, Kijabe Ward Lari Sub-County.

He went to Bathi Primary School and later joined Chania High School for his secondary education. He then joined Egerton University where he got his first degree in Environment and Natural Resources Management. He later did his masters in the United Kingdom Applied Ecology and Confirmation. He added a degree in International Environment Law from Nairobi University. He is perusing his PHD in Kenyatta University.


He is the founder of Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO), one of his biggest achievements and accomplishments. KENVO has become a leading authority in rehabilitation of local indigenous forests through tree planting, community awareness and education, research and information dissemination, lobbying and advocacy.

Through this foundation Mr. David has worked with several big institutions including: Nature Kenya, East Africa Wildlife Society (Immediate Employees) and Bird Life International.

He is a reflective worker and always open to new ways of working. His passion and commitment to his work is an inspiration to everyone in his team including volunteers.

He has also worked in various forests including: Aberdare Forest, MAU Forest and Mt. Kenya forest. Here he worked closely with various stakeholders empowering them to use their natural resources and forest for their own benefit.

Due to his vast experience in environment conservation, reforestation and community development, Mr. Kuria was hired by Kiambu County Government to be a County Executive Member in the Department of Water, Environment, Energy and Natural Resources.

His Mission

  1. Empower ‘Wanjiku’ to use their natural resources more sustainably.
  2. Kiambu County being the hub of most water sources in Kenya however, not all places receive water. In the next five years water will be provisioned well in all the sub-counties.
  3. Conserve and protect wildlife that will attract tourist in the county thus, enriching Kiambu County Residents.
  4. After Nairobi County, Kiambu is one of the counties with the most number of towns. All sub-counties should be clean and conducive for people to live. “Waste is money,” he says thus waste collection will be initiated and get investors and stake holders to support this project.
  5. In terms of energy, tapping wind energy and sending it to the national grid so that ‘Wanjiku’ can benefit from it in-terms of low cost energy. There is a lot of zero-grazing in Kiambu thus manure is readily available. Manure can be used to produce biogas and as a fertilizer.

His Vision

Have the department become the center of excellence, where all the other counties can learn from Kiambu County environmental, water, energy and natural resources issues, well addressed, well managed and the people are benefiting.

Parting Shot

Let’s continue supporting each other and work together to get back our Kiambu and the charisma people used to have and be examples to the other counties. Come up with ideas to improve the environment and as the department of Water, Environment, Energy and Natural Resources we are willing to listen and work together with anyone with any idea that can help Kiambu County and bring development.

University of Nairobi University of Nairobi

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